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Executive Women Network

The Executive Women Network (EWN) is a non-profit organization for women in senior management and executive positions in private organizations/ institutions and women entrepreneurs of well established businesses. The founding members of this network include the below listed top female executives; Maidie Arkutu – Managing Director, Unilever Ghana Freda Duplan- Managing Director, Nestle Ghana Limited, Patience Akyianu- Managing Director, Barclays Ghana, Edith Dankwa- Managing Director, Business and Financial Times Limited, Lucy Quist- Managing Director, Airtel Ghana and Pearl Esua- Mensah- Managing Consultant, Feniks Limited. Our vision is to Inspire, Empower and Support women executives to be successful and influential both at the local and international level. This is the first of its kind in Ghana. The Executive Women Network’s ambition is to: 1. Create a community for professional women to network, dialogue and collaborate for development and self-actualization. 2. Influence and drive policy changes that seek to increase the representation of women in senior leadership positions in Ghana. 3. Promote women’s rights in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 5 – ‘gender equality and empowerment for all women and girls’. As a member, you can look forward to regular networking lunches, industry/ profession specific training programs and conferences both local and international among others. Details will be provided in your welcome pack.
Executive Women Network
Executive Women Network2 days ago
Is there any correlation between the success in my career as a business woman or in my chosen profession and branding?

Yes! of course. There is that mutual relationship: this great potential to launch a person to new heights and great and unique doors of opportunities.

How do I brand myself in my profession and business?

Join us on 23rd February at 5.30 pm at the Golden Tulip hotel as we take our members through this session of practical ways to project our images in our chosen careers for greater success.

Call 0561110444 or send an email to for more details and to be a member.
Executive Women Network
Executive Women Network1 week ago
We believe in a Rebranded Ghana for Business Growth and investment. We however believe that Rebranding Ghana starts with us as individuals.

How well have you branded yourself in your business as an entrepreneur or in your profession as a corporate woman?

Following from our conference on the theme: Rebranding Ghana: the perspective of Women leaders, EWN will take its members through a session on how to build a professional brand , good enough to attract opportunities and make us ' sellable'.

This and many more are the reasons why you should join the Executive Women Network.

Visit or call 0561110444
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