EWN Academy

EWN Academy

As one of our missions is to “create a community for professional women to network, dialogue and collaborate for development and self-actualization”, we found it befitting to have a repository, from which our members can access valuable materials, to enhance online self-learning.

We pride ourselves in having a membership that transcends 20 different industries, as it gives us the opportunity to consult across industries and offer insights and assistance to one another based on members respective areas of expertise.

The EWN Academy is a members-only access digital reference library made of a compilation of publications, books, researches, articles, podcasts, videos etc. EWN Members will have exclusive access to the materials provided via the EWN website- www.ewntree.com. To make it truly interactive, members will have the opportunity to dialogue on open forums within this platform, so as to have meaningful discussion and deliberations on a variety of topics. Members will also be able to build on this library by adding relevant materials onto the existing database through a controlled Chanel.

So far, we have compiled a total of 286 executive research works across 14 business areas namely;
– Business Development
– Coaching
– Compliance & Ethics
– Corporate Governance
– Entrepreneurship
– Leadership
– Human Resources
– Marketing
– Mentoring
– People Development
– Risk Management
– Sales Strategy
– Supply Chain

We hope the EWN Academy will grow to become a one-stop online learning space for our members, that eventually sees Non-EWN Members pay a small subscription fee to be part of this community of knowledge and skills development.

Coming Soon! Watch this space!

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